Coaching for Individuals

Guiding working moms to be the best versions of themselves, to clearly see the future where they want to be and help them recognize their strengths and values developed during their life, before and after becoming mothers. 

What I can help you with


Emotional regulation

How often do you find yourself bursting into tears, or feeling blue without a specific reason?

Or maybe you get triggered by small details and start yelling at your kids and then feel that you are the worst mom in the universe?

I can help you identify and process your emotions in a healthy and productive way. This will also help you better manage your kids’ emotional dysregulation (tantrums), too. 


Self-care & Self-love

How to make time for self-care when there is so little time and so much to do? You tend to invest in everyone and everything around you, but you are embarrassed to invest in yourself and you keep waiting- for the busy season at work to be over, for the kids to overcome a stage, for the next vacation, for your birthday, etc.

There will always be something that you have to get through, so why waiting? Self-care means identifying your needs and finding ways to meet them, without guilt or remorse. 


Effective communication & self-expression

The need for belonging, that all mammals have, implies a need for a group acceptance and validation, but in time it might lead to disconnection from the authentic self.

Not being able to express yourself, from fear of being rejected, can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. I can help you find ways to express yourself more freely and more effectively without worrying about being judged or criticized. 


Self-awareness & self-compassion

Self-awareness is the first step in any transformation process. It implies being more mindful of who you are and getting to know both your capabilities and areas for improvement.

Understanding the pattern of your behavior and the roots of your limiting beliefs is crucial in order to let go of self-criticism and ruminations and to consciously take actions towards your goals and live a more meaningful life. 


Time management

Time management is probably the number one challenge for every working mom out there and they are all searching for new organization hacks, productivity tools or time schedules to ease their life.

But time management is not about controlling your time! It is about living it, fully and consciously. It is about setting priorities and finding motivation for each task. 


Work-life balance

Have you ever found yourself spending time with your kids, but thinking of the unfinished projects at work? Or have you ever felt bad for leaving your kids with someone else so that you could go to work?

Having a balance between professional and personal life does not mean making a perfect equal split of hours between the two, but finding a personalized balance according to your needs and to your family dynamics. There is no universal recipe, but a unique formula for each of us. 


Stress resilience & overall wellbeing

Stress is the body’s method of reacting to a physical or psychological threat. Developing resilience to stress does not mean to eliminate all stressors, but to find ways to better manage your reaction to stress stimuli and to change your mindset by turning challenges into growth opportunities.

An overall wellbeing and a mitigated stress response can also be obtained by reactivating the mind-body connection through mindfulness practices. 


Self-confidence & motivation

Building self-confidence is a process that involves developing a realistic view of yourself and your abilities.

It is important to determine what works best for you and confidently pursue those activities that give you joy and meaning. In order to do this, you also need to clarify your motivations- whether intrinsic or extrinsic. 

Main Services


One-on-one Coaching

I will offer you a safe space and time just for yourself, for introspection and reflection, so you can gain more awareness and clarity over your own thoughts and ideas.

We will identify together patterns of behavior and belief systems, will discover and leverage your superpowers and will explore and practice various ways for you to achieve your goals, either personal or professional.

Each session will take place online (video or audio), for 60 minutes and will be scheduled every 1 or 2 weeks, with additional online support in between sessions. 


Group Coaching

A group session will offer you the same safe space, with the difference that you will embark in this adventure along with others persons that have same objectives or challenges as you. Having a companion in a journey is always good, but having more is better, as you will get inspired by other stories and will get motivated by the group energy.

The group sessions will take place either online or in person and will have between 5 and 10 participants, all interested in the same topic.

Details will be shared before each program launch. 


Workshops and Retreats

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