About me

Hi! I am Andreea,
an experienced professional in the corporate world, a mother of two little kids and an enthusiastic dreamer.

I am a coffee lover, passionate about psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness and I am here to accompany you in your journey to self-discovery and self-development.

My whole life I have been an obedient follower, doing what I was told, meeting all demands, without questioning my own desires. At school, at my job and even in my personal relationships, I was trying to please everybody and I was always looking for external validation, so that in time I started to lose touch with my true self: I had little self-esteem and I was constantly criticizing myself for not being able to speak up and express myself, but in the same time I was intentionally avoiding all situations that would take me out of my comfort zone. I was afraid to make changes or to try new things, because I did not see myself capable of great achievements.

It was only after I became a mother that I started to question my identity and my purpose in life. When the new role has been added to those previously existing, I started to feel anxious and overwhelmed by all the things I “had to” do. My entire energy was divided between family and job and there was nothing left for myself. I started to feel more and more tired and less and less capable of managing my emotions – in particular the anger when my kids were having a tantrum. I have decided that I wanted a change, but had no idea where to start from. 

I needed help to clarify my needs and my desires and to be able to consciously take actions towards them, so I started working with a Transformational Coach.

It was a life-changing experience that gave me more awareness over my strengths, more clarity over my needs and more importantly it gave me the confidence and courage to make changes and put my plans into action.

After more than 10 years spent in the corporate environment, I embraced my fears and felt empowered to explore a new professional path. I have enrolled in a Coaching School and also started a self-study in Neuro-science and Psychology, while also taking care of my two little kids. I learned that the work-life balance is something personal and there is no universal recipe for that. I just needed to find my own balance according to my own needs, life values and priorities. Transformation is possible when you firstly get awareness over yourself: discover your authentic self, which is hidden behind social conventions, limiting beliefs or preconceptions.

Dare to live the life you are dreaming of! 


About Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a unique life-changing experience, a close partnership between a Coach and a client, aiming to support the client achieve his objectives, either personal or professional.

The idea of „transformation” might be scary, as it might make you think of a radical change that is turning you into a „fake” version of yourself, which is not the case. Main focus in Transformational Coaching is for the clients to unlock their potential, work on their strengths and get rid of their limiting beliefs and blockages, so that they can become the best version of themselves and live their life to the fullest. The transformation process is similar to a butterfly metamorphosis- it takes time, it is not always easy, but it leads to wonderful results. 

There are 3 main steps for a successful transformation:

1. Awareness

being more mindful of who you are and getting to know both your capabilities and areas for improvement.

2. Acceptance

understanding the pattern of your behavior and the roots of your limiting beliefs, without self-criticizing.

3. Action

setting smart goals and diving into action based on a transformation plan created with a coach

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