Transformational Coach

Dream. Dare. Transform.

I am guiding women in a journey of self discovery, helping them find their balance between work and personal life, using modern neuroscience research and ancient mindfulness wisdom.


I'm Andreea Grigoriu ,
an experienced professional in the corporate world, a mother of two little kids and an enthusiastic dreamer.

My whole life I have been an obedient follower, doing what I was told, meeting all demands, without questioning my own desires. At school, at my job and even in my personal relationships, I was trying to please everybody and I was always looking for external validation, so that in time I started…

Butterflies can't see their wings.
They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can.
People are like that as well.

What I Can Help You With


Emotional regulation

Identifying and processing your emotions in a healthy and productive way.


Self-care & Self-love

Identifying your needs and finding ways to meet them, without guilt or remorse.


Effective communication & self-expression

finding ways to express yourself more freely and more effectively without worrying about being judged, criticized or rejected.

Self-awareness & self-compassion

being more mindful of who you are and getting to know both your capabilities and areas for improvement.


Time management

setting priorities and finding motivation for each of your tasks.

Work-life balance

finding a personalized balance according to your needs and to your family dynamics.

Stress resilience & overall well-being

finding ways to better manage your reaction to stress stimuli and to change your mindset by turning challenges into growth opportunities.

Self-confidence & motivation

developing a realistic view of yourself and your true abilities in order to pursue those activities that give you joy and meaning.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

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